Site Overview

This Web site has two objectives:

  1. to introduce you to the vocabulary of the World Wide Web
  2. to explain how to create and publish Web pages.

The Web site is divided in to five sections:

  1. Vocabulary of the World Wide Web - This section defines many terms used in the rest of the document and explains some of the terminology necessary to understand Web design. If you are already familiar with the World Wide Web and its specialized vocabulary, then we recommend that you skip forward to section 2.
  2. Designing and Creating Web Pages -This section explains the steps involved in Web page creation and some limitations of Web page formatting.
  3. The Basics of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX - This section explains the basics of using the DreamWeaver MX software package to create a Web site.
  4. (Tutorial) Creating a Web site with Macromedia MX - This section contains hands-on steps to create a sample Web site using Dreamweaver MX.
  5. See  and click WS_FTP Demo for a demo on uploading your Web site.